Monday, January 12, 2015


Last year was definitely one of my most challenging years I have experienced.  It was filled with set backs, in definition it was a emotional financial roller coaster. However I learned a lot about myself and I believe I have grown as well. God did answer my prayer and allow me to see myself at my worst and at my best and I must say that I am going to take all that I have learned and move forward.

This takes me tomy hashtag for this year is #stepoverandstepforward it was birthed during watch night service and I told a friend who was sitting next to me while my pastor was preaching and as soon as I said it Pastor confirmed it !!  Why this hashtag well over the past four years I have been hurt,and betrayed very deeply by people whom I thought saw me as a friend. While this experience allowed me to see who my real friends where and find my true love. It hurt like hell, and for the better part of four years I have allowed those experiences to hindering and even cloud my judgement I even self barricaded myself spiritually, mentally, physically and career wise. MAN!!!! How could I allow this ? Easy I am human and we are always prone to protect ourselves and our family even if it hurts. WELL NO MORE!!!! that was so last year.

I am determine to make this hashtag more than a cliche. We all make mistakes right? Hey you might have just made one now but stepping forward takes more than physical action its all in the mind. Have you ever stated you have gotten over something and as soon as a similar situation arises you reacted the same way? Then we lie to ourselves and say it was a modified reaction?  Lies and lies it was the same reaction it only seemed "different" or "modified" because you realized that the situations where similar and changed your action in the middle of your acting out.
Phillippians 3:13 states "..but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth to those things which are before.  The next verse speaks states " I press towards the mark ... (Philippians 3:14). I do not want to preach but I do want to encourage. Paul states that he is going to forget what he has already gone through and reach forward . I think it is safe to say that Paul coined this hashtag first and I just modified it. Yes is hard and at first we have  "modified" reactions to similar situations;however, what I am saying is take the lesson learned from the past modify the lesson apply it to yourself and keep it moving and don't look back. So if last year you made a mistake in your career learn the lesson create a technique to which you will not do it again and on to the next challenge.  I hope you can join me in this effort LETS GO 2015